FRAMFLYTTAD! Merkules på Nalen Klubb

Vi måste tyvärr meddela att Merkules tvingas att senarelägga sin kommande turné, se uttalande från Merkules nedan. Detta påverkar spelningen på Nalen den 18 mars som alltså kommer att flyttas fram. Vilket datum konserten kommer att äga rum är ännu inte klart, men biljetter köpta till den 18 mars kommer även att gälla för det nya datumet. Vi ber er att hålla kvar era biljetter tills vidare information följer.

We are sorry to announce that Merkules has to postpone his tour due to illness. Read full statement from the artist below. This will also affect the show on Nalen 18th of March, and we are currently working on a new date for the concert. The date for the show is to be announced. Bought tickets for 18th of March will be valid for the new date. Please keep your tickets and we will update with more information shortly.

Merkules 2020-03-10:
Well guys, I’m sure you probably all saw this coming, but unfortunately because I’m still in the hospital and they won’t let me go, I had no choice but to cancel the remaining dates on the Europe tour. It hurts to know we came out here and I didn’t even get to touch one stage. I’m blown away by how understanding you all have been. I’m officially off of the IV and I’m taking my anti biotics in pill form now. They said I could be let out as soon as tomorrow but even so I’ll be in bed waiting until I’m fully healed. I can’t even fly home yet cause I’m still too in pain. Thanks to my friends family and fans for riding with me and my queen @carissa.waitforit.bell for going above and beyond to make sure I’m okay this whole time. I plan on rescheduling this Euro tour AS SOON as I’m back on my feet and I PROMISE I’ll make it up to you all. Until then, Stompdown forever ❤️